5 Advantages of Living With a Roommate

Living with other students is just one of the many great experiences you have while doing an internship in Washington, DC. You can explore the city together – check out the National Mall, Newseum, paddle boating in the Tidal Basin, and the US Archives — and interns living in fast-paced DC have a chance to make friends for life. And that typically starts with your roommate. There are many advantages of living with a roommate.

Here are 5 advantages of living with a roommate during your internship in DC:

  1. If you get along, you have a new friend. And their friends become your friends!
  2. Network, network, network. Everyone is working SOMEWHERE. Learn about your roommate’s job and meet the people they are working with. Do the same for them.
  3. The interns of today maybe the congressman of tomorrow. OK, most interns won’t become US Senators, but many do end up in Washington after graduation.
  4. You have a built in friend. Weekends can be a lot more fun when you have a buddy to go to a Nationals baseball game with.
  5. And then it’s time to say goodbye. Make a point to stay in touch with your roommates. You never know. You may both end up working in Washington, DC after graduation.

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