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Best Places To Live In DC

Are you looking for the best places to live in DC? You and thousands of others are moving to DC for work, school or internships. Short term furnished housing demands and long term living needs are fueling a rapid growth in the residential housing market in Washington, DC.

About 1,000 people arrive in DC monthly and 10,000 new jobs are created annually. But who is moving to DC? Millennials are the majority. Also a number of people coming in from overseas to do internships or work at one of the many international organizations based in DC, like the IMF, IDB, Organization of American States, and embassies (yes, even embassies bring interns to DC who need intern housing). A new president and Congress are energizing new housing demands too.

So where are the best places to live in DC? The most famous zip codes are in Georgetown, with lots of college students and ambassadors living next door to each other. But, Capitol Hill is the fastest growing neighborhood. Interns often live next door to members of Congress with housing close to the Rayburn, Longworth, Cannon House Office Buildings, the Library of Congress, and the Russell, Hart and Dirksen Senate Office Buildings. Many of these same interns are working for members on Capitol Hill and return after graduation, fueling the city’s growth.

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